Case Study: Brixworth Farming

Ian Matts is Arable Director at Brixworth Farming; a large and forward-thinking farm based in Northants. While looking for a better way to order is his fuel than through his Buying Group, he came across Yagro and managed to find more control and connect with new quality suppliers, get better prices and save days worth of time. Here’s what he had to say:

"We started using Yagro about a year ago, and I was unsure about moving to a new way of doing things just before harvest, but it has been brilliant. We used to use a buying group for the majority of our purchases, but I wanted to have more control over our spend on farm, without the hassle of having to ring round suppliers. I met the Yagro team at Cereals in 2017 and they showed me how it all works, and helped explain some of the intricacies about the fuel market and how to get the best deal. It made a lot of sense, and I’m a keen to utilise tech, so to combine this with sound business principles seemed like the right move for us at Brixworth. And it turns out we’ve bought better than the group anyway!

We’ve got a large tank, and I tend to order 17 or 18k L each time, as this helps bring efficiency and scale. What I like about Yagro is that it’s tech allows both us and our suppliers to find a deal that works best for both parties. Having full visibility and choice of supplier and the deal we want is great. It’s not necessarily always about the cheapest supplier, but also timing, terms, delivery date etc. And the fact that Yagro is free really helps!

We do a lot of benchmarking on things like labour and machinery, and I’m so used to being able to measure and analyse things. What’s great is that with Yagro I can now have full visibility of the market and my spend, and now have the same level of control on my fuel as I do with the rest of my business. We have regular management meetings, so full information and understanding is key to us running a profitable farm. 

The team at Yagro appear to really understand the market and are always on hand to help out. I believe we need more tech like this in farming to monitor, benchmark and manage if we’re going to meet the challenges in an uncertain future."

How much could you save?