Case Study: Flawborough Farms

Flawborough Farms are a large multi-site arable farm based in Notts. Their ever-expanding operation brings increasing complexity, so an innovative approach is key to ensuring continuous improvement. Coordinating fuel for their multiple sites was a challenge, but since using Yagro they’ve managed to save week’s worth of time as well as money. Tabs Hawthorne is one of the partners, here’s what she had to say:

“It’s the time savings that we love, and it’s a great communication tool. There’s not just me here on the farm, so sometimes I order things, sometimes it’s my brother Tom or father, John. Great thing with Yagro is that we’ve all got the app, so we are all linked together digitally and know the score. I tend to do all of the requests and then will work out with Dad and Tom which is the best deal to go with based on our activities on the farm, price, terms, etc. But we can all do this remotely. It’s one base that everyone can see, like a hub. It just saves so much time! Click, click and we’re done, just makes life so much easier. And I’ve been telling everyone about it! It’s fascinating to see how dynamic the market and suppliers are, I actually get quite excited when the quotes come through!

We’ve saved serious amounts of cash, and I reckon I save about 2 hours per order, which adds up to about 2 weeks' worth of time since we started using it this time last year. We’re a super busy farm, so to save time is worth a fortune to us. It’s ideal all year round, but it really comes into its own in the summer. We’re flat out on farm, but still need to be buying keenly, so to have a tool that can save us time as well as money... well, it’s just brilliant.

And I also really like to be able to look back at my history. To have the information at my fingertips and look back as a reference. We’ve never had anything like this before, it’s brilliant. Helps us make better decisions and keep our costs down.”

How much could you save?