Case Study: John - mixed farm 200ha

Historically we had tied agronomy on the farm, and bought all the chemical through our agronomist. We had plenty of assurance that we were getting good prices thanks to this set up. Initially, we signed up to Yagro’s Price Check tool for extra reassurance. Instead we quickly realised how much we were overpaying for our agrochemicals.

Through the Price Check system, you get access to live market prices for brands, as well as their alternatives which often come with significant savings. It’s all very simple as well - Yagro carried out all the analysis based on information I provided them and I get the information through their online platform.
This information was invaluable for our business. Initially we were able to negotiate a significant rebate from our supplier for ‘overcharging’ us through the season.
From there we made the major decision to untie our agronomy service, and we started using alternative brands more seriously – they have worked very well, we’ve had no issues with quality.
The combined impact was a reduction in our total agrochemical costs of 30%. This covered the cost of the service many times over, it’s clear that Yagro are working for the farmer.
We would never have thought this was possible, but Price Check gave us the exact information needed to unlock it. It’s an invaluable tool to stay sharp on your purchasing.

How much could you save?