Case Study: Lockerley Estate

Craig Livingstone, is Farm Manager at Hampshire-based Lockerley Estate and is also a Finalist for Farmers Weekly 2018 Arable Farmer of the Year. To save time he used to deal with just one supplier but since joining Yagro he's managed to save 3% on his bill all while spending even less time on fuel.

"I met one of the Yagro team members at Cereals who gave me a demo of how it works and I was amazed how easy it all sounded! As a farm manager, I always need to ensure we are buying competitively. It’s our margin we are giving away for every £1 we buy over the market value. Cost control is key in every decision we take.

Before joining Yagro, we used to use a single fuel supplier as it took us too much time to ring around the suppliers in our area. Using Yagro we now spend less time getting quotes from 7 suppliers than we did from one and have noticed savings of 3% on our bill by ensuring we get the best deal every time we order. It all adds up and over a year it’s a significant amount of cash!

Another big advantage of using Yagro is the level of transparency we get. In just a few clicks we get to see the whole market and compare suppliers’ prices and delivery windows. This gives me the confidence I am buying well on behalf of my landowner.

I regularly recommend Yagro to friends and peers. The hurdle they sometimes come up with is “when we run out of fuel at harvest my supplier always gets it to me the next day”!... But in all honesty, I can’t fault Yagro. We’ve never been let down and the team there are first class- Personal, approachable and working for the farmer! They are always on hand to help out, whatever I may need."

How much could you save?