M & M F French

2,500 Ha - Kent

"We joined Yagro’s Price Check back in 2017, pretty much as soon as it was launched. Farming across 6 contract farms as well as our own, and buying nearly half a million pounds of chem each year, I needed to know that we were getting the best prices possible. Not only for my sake, but also for the land owners that we are contracting for - we are employed to farm their farms in the most professional way possible, and ensuring our chemical procurement strategy and prices are right is a key part of ensuring they have confidence in us as contractors."

Having information at hand is critical to managing our business professionally, and the transparency that Price Check brings to the chemical market is very helpful. It is our single biggest variable spend and whilst it has confirmed that our strategy to purchasing is correct, it has helped us improve our pricing, increase our rebates and professionalise our relationships with our suppliers. All in all, we’ve saved tens of thousands of pounds.

Being able to understand our purchasing performance in simple terms such as the Buying Score is the metric needed to give our landowners confidence in us as contractors. "If you are a professionally run farm, then the information that you get from Price Check is essential to know that you’re running it well!”

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