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Yagro Customer Stories: Strutt & Parker

Richard Means is Director at Strutt & Parker heading up the Farming Department in the Eastern Region. As Director of Smith Means Ltd; his own farm in West Norfolk, he's always looking at innovative new ideas for the business and is keen to drive efficiencies and optimise returns for both clients and the home farm. Here's what he thinks about Yagro and its impact on his business.


Yagro Customer Stories: Albanwise Farming

Albanwise Farming acts as contractor for its own and neighbouring farming operations spread over 9000 hectares in Norfolk and Yorkshire. They used to use a buying group but after hearing about Yagro decided to give it a try. Jono Darby manages their North Norfolk operation, using Yagro to order their fuel and AdBlue. Here's what he has to say about his experience.


Fuel storage and strategy: what’s best for my farm?

Many farm businesses ask us for ideas and advice in their fuel setup. How often should I buy? How large should my tank be? How much lead time is best for suppliers? Every farm will have different answers to these questions. In this article, we lay out some of the common thinking to help you optimise for your business and needs.


3 farms using technology to buy the best on fuel

Our analysis of three years of fuel buying across the UK shows how effective spot buying is the most reliable strategy to get the best prices in the market. This week, three leading farm businesses take us through their journeys on fuel buying, and how they have ensured they have a cutting edge on cost this harvest.


Harvest ahead: complacency costs when buying fuel

Every time you buy fuel, it pays to get prices from the whole market. We have helped UK businesses source fuel for over two years now, and over this time have developed a rich database of prices and trends. One fact which has become crystal clear is the value in shopping around the market systematically, every time you need to buy fuel.


A half year review at Yagro

The crops are up, the shows are on, and we take a brief pause to look back on spring 2018. We’re delighted now to deal with over 700 farming businesses in the UK. That’s a lot of conversations, a lot of relationships, and a lot of learning for our whole team regarding the needs and pains of UK farmers today.


Legal Precedents and Smoking Guns

Have you ever heard of a Norwich Pharmacal Order? Probably not. Neither had we. It is a legal mechanism in which a Court orders someone to disclose information. In 2016, there was a new legal precedent set, as a Norwich Pharmacal Order was made in relation to a potential claim under the Competition Act 1998. You may find the specifics of the case interesting...


Ag Chem Around the World: Brave Decisions Required

Over the last weeks we have highlighted some stark problems in today’s ag chem supply chain. It ought to be within UK farming’s power to design a new system which better benefits farmers and consumers. Alternative models do exist. Today we take a look at four countries which offer some points of inspiration for farms, regulators, and suppliers, to make some brave decisions.


The Superiority Illusion in Agrochemical Purchasing

Last month we revealed stark variations in UK ag chem prices, with some farms paying as much as 55% more than others on a single product. This week we explore what this means at an individual farm level, and why farmers are likely to overestimate how well they purchase.