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5 views on Yagro Price Check from CropTec 2017

It was an exciting couple of days at CropTec, with 4,000 visitors stopping by our stand in the main arena of the East of England Showground. We were there to showcase the launch of our new Ag Chem price comparison tool, Yagro Price Check, and were thrilled with how it was received! Here are the top 5 pieces of feedback we received from our meetings and conversations throughout the show


Towards a New Data Standard in UK Agriculture

Farm data can be harvested, bought and sold, just like any other crop. But as a farmer, you rarely know when this happens, and almost never get the benefit. We feel passionately about this. You should own their own data. You should have ultimate control over it. And where someone profits from this data, you should receive a significant share. In this article we propose 5 principles that companies handling farm data should adhere to. By promoting transparency and understanding, these principles would help you regain ownership and control of your farm data.


5 Rules for Effective Farm Benchmarking

Only 21% of UK farms engage in any form of benchmarking – and even this is rarely at a sufficient level of detail to drive real improvement. At Yagro we see benchmarking as one of the defining processes of any successful business, and see first-hand the power it gives to farmers. Here are 5 rules to follow for effective farm benchmarking.


Barclays Entrepreneur Awards 2017

Yagro were Finalists at the Barclays UK Entrepreneurship Awards held at the Leadenhall Building in London, led by Baroness Karen Brady.


Cereals 2017 in Numbers

2 action-packed days. 100+ meetings with farmers and suppliers already using Yagro to boost their profitability. 50,000+ hectares of new arable farmland signed up to Yagro.


Top 5 Generic Crop Protection Products

We talk to agronomists to get their tips on the top generic crop protection products they think are proving just as effective on farmers’ crops, whilst slashing significant sums from their chemical bills.


7 tips for finding generic crop protection products that work

Chemical inputs can be one of the biggest costs for arable farms, but sticking to your usual products might not be the most cost-effective way to do business. Farmers on Yagro switching to like-for-like generic products are saving as much as 50% on their chemical bills. With a bit of research, you could do the same... Not sure how to identify which alternative products might be worth trying? Read our 7 tips to help you find generic crop protection products that work.