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Best in Field Award: Beans - Fridays Ltd.

Fridays Ltd has been credited with having the best cost of production for Beans in the system at £40.81/t. We spoke to James Wrighton to find out more about how they achieved this and to hear about their future plans.


Lincolnshire Farm has the best Cost of Production for Winter Feed Wheat

Worth Farms in Lincolnshire have been identified as the Best in Field for Winter Feed Wheat producing KWS Grafton at £29.91 per tonne, meaning they had the most efficient overall cost of production for Winter Feed Wheat in 2020. Simon Day is the Farm Manager of the 2,500ha farm; we sat down with him to find out more about how they achieved this and their future plans. 


Best Overall Performer 2020

A.P Innes Ltd. have been identified as the winners of our ‘Best Overall Performer Award 2020’; verified as the most efficient overall cost of production across all crops. A.P. Innes were also awarded the ‘Best In Field - Oilseed Rape’ for having the lowest overall cost of production for that crop. We spoke to Graham Innes to find out how they achieved this and what A. P. Innes have planned for the future. 


Tech Check Project 2020

Accelerating the Adoption of Productivity Systems for Farming Businesses

Now that 2021 is upon us, we'd like to show you something we got up to last year; Tech Check. 


Farm insurance in 2020

Industry risk appetite falls; review and reduce policies

Among the current global turmoil, we explore the impact on the insurance industry and what it means for UK farmers’ risk management. Thankfully for now, main agricultural production has been relatively sheltered from the immediate impact we have seen in sectors such as hospitality and retail. As such we have not seen a huge financial strain on insurers in this sector – though plenty of enquiries to clarify policy positions.


Fuel Update - March 2020

Slowed supply chains; deliveries at 10 days

Fuel supply markets have suffered several disruptions in the past days that are ultimately impacting the ease of moving fuel around the country. The complication at this time comes from the latest guidance on COVID-19. While there is limited impact as yet, suppliers and depot managers are getting concerned. We recommend farms keep an eye on stocks, keeping at least 10 days in the tank through this busy time.