Project Crystal Ball – Collaboration to Develop Live Scenario Planning

We are delighted to have won funding from UK Research and Innovation for a collaborative project with Outfield Technologies. Through 'Project Crystal Ball: Predict and Preserve Profitability of Orchards', we want to make our platform more relevant to top-fruit growers, further develop our crop quality models and take the first step into the exciting world of scenario planning.

As Edwin, our Head of Product puts it; “Our aim is to create an interactive scenario planning module that helps farmers asses the economic impact of corrective actions against yield forecasts. Having the ability to combine Outfield Technology’s with our data processing power offers huge value to the whole industry. Outfield tracks crop development, predicting production and yield of orchards. We can translate these accurate yield and quality forecasts into real economic outcomes.This feasibility project is targeted at top-fruit growers, where the waste and surplus of fruit due to consumer demands is vast. Our whole team are excited to have the opportunity to work on a project that will counter this waste and at the same time can improve the bottom line for all farmers."

Outfield Technology use drones to scan an orchard autonomously. That scan is then analysed with their software to understand tree size, blossom loading, fruit set and more, generating insights into a crop's performance. Through this Innovate UK project, they seek to add automated size measurement, a key metric determining crop value.

“At YAGRO we see the vast amount of data that farmers are capturing. Our technology processes, structures and cleans that data, presenting the farmer with an interface of information they need to make the most informed decision. The synergies of Outfield Technology combined with our systems present the perfect opportunity to collaborate on this project.” said Gareth Davies, YAGRO Managing Director

James, Shirley, Erika and Edwin getting a demonstration of Outfield Technologies systems.

Emma Kelcher – Senior Customer Success Manager at YAGRO said “We have 2 fantastic growers, one in Kent and the other in Cambridgeshire who will be beta testing and making sure the product we build suits the end user. There is so much value to be gained from technology here, the expected added value to farms is significant and just the beginning of much more to come.

If you are interested in learning more about this project or would like to your orchard to be involved, please contact Emma Kelcher, Senior Customer Success Manager at

Funding from UK Research and Innovation as part of DEFRA’s Farming Innovation Programme.

For more details on Outfield Technologies, please visit

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