YAGRO Analytics featured in Farmers Weekly

We are delighted that YAGRO Analytics has been highlighted by Farmers Weekly as having the potential to counteract the loss of the BPS.
YAGRO Analytics helps growers to understand and improve cost of production: identifying all contributing factors and making useful comparisons to other growers. The main features of our software are emphasized, along with quotes from our CEO Gareth Davies. We think it is well worth a read to understand how you can benefit from using it too.

The article also features Jamie Lockhart who highlights some specific work he has carried out using YAGRO Analytics. He says it helps him build his budget for forecast spend, and can do that at a variety level, not just crop level. “It is giving us a far more accurate tool to both look forward and back, and see what was a good spend or return on investment.”. Jamie is Director of Honingham Thorpe Farms in Norfolk, and member of our National Steering Group – you may remember him from our video! 

Read the full article from Farmers Weekly covering YAGRO Analytics →

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