YAGRO Analytics ™

Make your data work as hard as you do and yield the results.

Farming is a game of decisions.

It's time to move on from estimations, gut-feel and 'what we did last year'.

It's time you had the data-driven answers that will give your business the edge you need.

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Want answers from your own data?

Understand more about the true performance of your fields, varieties & input programmes with Internal Analytics.

Want a reliable comparison against others?

Just how is your farm performing against the best in the business of farming? External Analytics provide you the answers.

Want to collaborate with farms you trust?

The most powerful way to learn? Put yourself together with farms you know and trust. Virtual Groups make that easy.

Want to dig into the nitty gritty?

Pull product, rate and price levers on every input, in every field, for every variety of every crop. Every year. 

Better business decisions for your farm

Will the next decision you make be the best for your farm?

The answer to this is deeply buried in complex data across many places - and comes too late, if at all.

Without a handle on the detail, it's nearly impossible to know where you stand, and how to improve.

Our job at YAGRO is to dig these answers out for you. To make them clear and actionable. Because that is what gives you the edge.

After all, you work hard, so shouldn't your data do the same?

"YAGRO Analytics has raised various questions and got me thinking as to how I can adjust my farming practices as we advance. I wish we'd started working with Dan and the team years ago. It's allowing me to benchmark accurately within a truly independent system focused on improving and reducing my costs."
James Wrighton - Fridays Ltd
"It took less than 5 minutes to decide to sign up to YAGRO Analytics. A market beating platform that I would encourage all farmers in the UK to join. Moving into a new era of UK agriculture - all farms need to be at the top end of productivity and YAGRO is a great tool to enable decision making."
Jamie Melrose - A T Bone

Get started in 3 simple steps


Securely send us up to 5 years of field and yield data.


Be guided through your cleaned data by our helpful team


Drive action from your insights for yourself, with your Virtual Groups, or with your advisors

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Farmer-first development

Shaped by our National Steering Group.

YAGRO Analytics has been shaped in close collaboration with 15 farm businesses across the UK - ensuring we deliver value to our customers.

Elveden Estate
Andrew Francis
13,100ha Eastern England

Greens of Soham
Greg Colebrook
4,000ha Cambridgeshire

AG Wright and Son
Jack Smith
1,900ha Cambridgeshire

Brixworth Farming
Ian Matts
2,000ha Northamptonshire


Or: Is it just something for the big farms? Short answer: no. YAGRO Analytics is for farms of all sizes. We have farms on the system ranging from a few acres through to over 10,000. Our main aim is to work with progressive farms, irrespective of sizes.

Most definitely. Benchmarking is a broad term and has different means to different users. We are currently focused on analysing your variable spend down to the nitty gritty. This can be used alongside other benchmarking tools to help create a full understanding across the farm.

The cost is £1 per acre per year, with a minimum cost (to cover the setup and management of the platform) of £1000 – effectively 1000 acres.

All that is needed is a simple export from your farm management software as well as copies of invoices for your input costs. Ideally you send five years worth of data, so YAGRO Analytics can give you insights on trends and you can compare year by year.

We are very proud of the Data Ingestion Engine we’ve built – its been designed to ingest and verify all invoices, reports and spreadsheets we chuck at it. It has built in rules to spit out any errors or outliers and highlight potential inconsistencies. We then verify any queries with invoices, sales receipts and by talking with the farm. You need good data in to get good answers out and we pride ourselves on making sure we are analysing good data. 

We’re always developing new parts to the platform, and YAGRO Analytics is no exception. No time to stand still. The system will incorporate a ton of other features and new data sources over time. But we’re not giving away all our ideas here! Get in touch and we’d be delighted to discuss our vision for the future.  

All of your personal details are safe and secure and will never be shared with anyone else. We do use anonymised data at an aggregate level to drive efficiencies and savings throughout the input supply chain in order to help reduce costs further for farms.

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