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Kingspan - Watchman

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As global leaders in Intelligent Tank Monitoring, we have provided technical, sales and design expertise in telemetry solutions for over 20 years. Our Smart Monitoring solutions enable both local and remote tank monitoring in fuel


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Remote tank monitoring for fuel, liquid fertilizer and chemicals with simple, effective reporting and alerts

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Farm Software overview

As part of the Tech Check research we have created a list of the various software, tools and applications that are available to farmers in the UK. Farming software can automate business management, record keeping, and accounting for farms and agribusinesses, but also advice on marketing, do benchmarking or help with risk and compliance. Organizations can achieve greater efficiency and accuracy by using specific software.

To navigate the available farm software packages, use the categories on the rightbelow. All listed software includes a short description and a link to the website. 

Is your farm taking advantage of technology?