YAGRO Tracker

All farms should have easy access to up-to-date information throughout the season to make actionable decisions. Tracking expenses and managing sales for all crops; all in one place. At the click of a button, without manual input and with automatic reporting. That's YAGRO Tracker.

Say goodbye to days of wasted time manually gathering and processing information from various spreadsheets to know the status of the business. Instead, let us do all the work for you, so you can focus on the decisions that need to be made to increase the profitability of your business. 

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Accurate costs to date

Understand the costs for each crop and variety during the year and keep track of how your expenses compare to other years.

What’s sold, and what’s yet to sell?

Measure and manage your sales all year round without having to create a spreadsheet. Track your total percentage sold of each crop.

Live commodity & input prices

Knowing current market prices and trends puts you in the best position to make the most informed decisions, be that buying inputs, selling crops or simply understanding the extent of your exposure.

Track against historical/budget/top 10% farms

Not everyone has historical data, but all farmers have a plan for the coming year. We have created a simple way to track against your budget, next to the top 10% farms and your historical data.

"We are in the early stages of setting up and using Tracker and can already see that it is going to become an important part of our farm's business decision making in the future. Importing our farm data couldn’t be more straightforward, and the YAGRO team have been proactive in ensuring we get the most out of our data and how best to interpret that data in a practical sense."
Tom Dart – Cranborne Estate

Early Bird Access now available.

YAGRO Tracker is available free of charge to eligible farmers until its full launch in early 2022. Fill in the registration form to find out more and get early access.

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Farmer-first development

Solving real problems for farmers.

“I track my costs across too many different places”
“I track grain prices across too many different places”
“I can’t easily access current input prices”
“I don’t have time to get all the information I want, together in one place”
“It’s all done manually”

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