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Why Yagro?

Market Reach

Access over £450million of farm input spend

Be Informed

Do business knowing all the information

Take Control

Customers, products, deliveries, locations

Unlock Value

Improved planning, leaner supply chains

Insight & Analysis

Understand where opportunities are

On The Go

Cloud-based, accessible on any device


No, Yagro isn't a Buying Group. Yagro is a technology company that links suppliers directly with farms. The quotes you place are bespoke to each request you receive and are confidential between you and your farm, and you have full control to decide which products, farms and locations you offer on. 

Yagro started just with agrochemicals and now also covers fuel, fertiliser and seed with more products planned. We are constantly adding new products so if you have others you’d like to offer on Yagro we’d love to know!

Yagro works with all farms from large national enterprises to local smallholdings as well as both national and local suppliers of agrochemicals, fuel, fertiliser and seed. Every month more farms and suppliers are joining Yagro.

Average response times vary between farms, though the majority respond to requests within a few hours. You can also set expiry times on all your Yagro quotes.

Yagro is totally free for farms. We have commercial arrangements with suppliers to cover our costs and there are different options dependant on your needs. Don't worry though, we're totally independent and are committed to helping suppliers grow their sales.

All of your personal details are safe and secure and will never be shared with anyone else. We do use anonymised data at an aggregate level to drive efficiencies and savings throughout the input supply chain in order to help reduce costs further for farms.

“With Yagro, our farm managers have all the information they need at their fingertips and we can be sure we’re getting the best deal on our key inputs. Now we have real time visibility and total control over our spend, I can’t imagine ever going back to our old system.”

~ Charles Shropshire, G's Fresh

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