Case Study: AA Clifton Ltd

We have been using Yagro and the Price Check system for the past two years. In that time it has given us insight into competitively price checking our two agronomists/distributors, in a proactive and professional way with real evidence.

Before we joined Price Check we struggled to hold our agronomists/distributors to account on price. We would hold a rebate meeting every half year, but we had no evidence to question their prices other than pub chat.
From the very outset in using Yagro’s Price Check, we made the decision that if it was going to work then it had to be done in a positive way. We decided to compare only pricing for the same products, so there could be no criticism of differing products or approaches in agronomy.
Since starting to use Price Check we have saved significant amounts of money, to put that in to context in the first year that figure was nearly 20%. The more interesting part: in our first rebate meeting using Yagro, there was shock and discomfort from the agronomist/distributor in our level of detail, and in our expectation of the best price on the market for each product. However in the second meeting and thereafter, the new standard had been set, and the work already done by the agronomist/distributor. We have now found our prices are where we want them to be and so there is only limited savings to be made, which has led to a far better relationship! 
We would recommend Yagro’s Price Check as an efficient way of holding your agronomic chemical supplier to account on price, in a proactive professional manner.

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