Albanwise Farming

Albanwise Farming acts as contractor for its own and neighbouring farming operations spread over 9000 hectares in Norfolk and Yorkshire. They used to use a buying group but after hearing about Yagro decided to give it a try. Jono Darby manages their North Norfolk operation and uses Yagro to order their fuel and AdBlue. 

"We order around 200,000 litres of fuel a year, so every penny we save is £2,000 extra on our bottom line.  With the difference between suppliers’ prices often around 4p/l, we’re potentially saving up to £8,000 a year by getting the cheapest price.

Fuel, for tractors and driers, constitutes a large portion of our fixed costs, so it is important we find the best price with minimum fuss. With Yagro we can quickly place orders for the products we need and compare quotes from all the suppliers in our area, in just a few clicks.  We could get the same result by ringing round the 7 or 8 suppliers available to us but my time can be better spent elsewhere instead of sitting on the phone for hours, repeating myself just to get a price. You also can’t always get through to suppliers as their phones are busy, so you either have to keep ringing or not get a price off them, both of which will cost either in time or possibly missing out on a good deal. 

The beauty with Yagro is it only takes me a few seconds to create a request. I can crack on with my day, then come back, spend a minute reviewing the quotes and place an order. Just the other day I was walking past our Ad Blue tank and saw it was looking low, so I got my phone out, logged into the app and ordered some more right there in the yard. 
With us ordering diesel roughly 10-12 times a year it’s feasible to think we’re saving around two days’ worth of effort on the farming side. When we add in the 15 or so orders a year of domestic kerosene for the wider estate, we’re looking at a week’s worth of admin time saved. In the grand scheme of things these may not seem like big numbers but with Yagro being completely free and so easy to use why wouldn’t you use it? I can’t think of a good reason not to! 
The team at Yagro are hugely helpful as well, always being on hand as a source of advice and not just for fuel. The combination of them being independent, having great product and market knowledge, as well as a close network of commercial and professional farms means they’re a reliable resource for contacts and best practice. Yagro’s tech has helped us enormously already but we’re still working with them to develop further solutions to drive even more time and cost efficiencies."

How much could you save?