YAGRO's Commercial Intelligence System provides revolutionary data-driven insight to empower decision making on farm

Why Partner with YAGRO? 

The role of the modern farm advisor is changing rapidly.
Clients expect you to look at more topics in more detail than ever before – to keep the farm business healthy and sustainable for generations to come.

On-farm data has exploded over the past decade. Advisors must be able to cut through this noise to present powerful, evidence-based insight to the grower. As a result, the cost of data analysis has escalated dangerously – and often the benefit is marginal and patchy.

So how can you provide systematic deep-data insights at low cost to your clients? Enter YAGRO. We make our suite of data tools available under your own brand, delivering:

  • A proven and innovative data offer to your clients, with real impact
  • Reduced cost of back office data handling and management
  • New service opportunities based on the deep insights generated
  • Additional data insights tailored to your business, to reinforce your unique specialisms
  • Enhanced role in the farming community as you bring networks of farmers together through our peer-to-peer data-sharing feature, Virtual Groups
  • Personalised annual client reports

YAGRO provides comprehensive on-boarding, training and support as a strategic partner and technology provider to your business. We work across all existing on-farm data software, so you can be confident we can handle the wide and varied data systems across your client base. We have real experience of marketing, selling, and supporting these tools to some of the most demanding farmers in the market.
As an independent company, our incentives are wholly aligned to yours as an advisor: to ensure the best possible impact and outcome on the farming businesses you serve.

Partners can combine a customized and personalised version of our systems with their skills and experience to provide their farms with the data-driven insight needed to make more informed decisions. These help to drive improvements and ultimately help us strive towards a stronger agricultural industry.

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How do farms benefit the YAGRO Partnership? 

Your trusted advisor plays a critical role on farm. Without this local expert to add context and experience, the best data systems in the world will still fall short of their potential.

Partnership means that, as a farmer, you combine the best of technology with the best of people. YAGRO’s Partner advisors have been through rigorous training on our systems, so they can be by your side every step of the way: from collating and managing your data, setting goals, through to identifying and implementing improvements on farm.

Better still, these advisors act as a channel to guide YAGRO’s focus and development, so we continue to innovate on your behalf.

Ask your advisor how they are managing and exploiting data for the benefit of your farm business. If it’s powered by YAGRO, you can be confident you’re in the best of hands.

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