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Lincolnshire Farm has the best Cost of Production for Winter Feed Wheat

Worth Farms in Lincolnshire have been identified as the Best in Field for Winter Feed Wheat producing KWS Grafton at £29.91 per tonne, meaning they had the most efficient overall cost of production for Winter Feed Wheat in 2020. Simon Day is the Farm Manager of the 2,500ha farm; we sat down with him to find out more about how they achieved this and their future plans. 


Best Overall Performer 2020

A.P Innes Ltd. have been identified as the winners of our ‘Best Overall Performer Award 2020’; verified as the most efficient overall cost of production across all crops. A.P. Innes were also awarded the ‘Best In Field - Oilseed Rape’ for having the lowest overall cost of production for that crop. We spoke to Graham Innes to find out how they achieved this and what A. P. Innes have planned for the future. 


Optimising Cost of Production on Farm

A case-study with John Barrett of Ditchingham Farms – Sentry Ltd

John Barrett of Ditchingham Farms – Sentry Ltd has won our Best In Field Award for Optimisation 2020, having shown the most significant reduction in cost of production for the past two years. We sat down with John (via zoom) to talk through how he's achieved this and if he has plans to bring those costs lower.


Tech Check Project 2020

Accelerating the Adoption of Productivity Systems for Farming Businesses

Now that 2021 is upon us, we'd like to show you something we got up to last year; Tech Check. 


How the First World War Changed British Farming Forever

On Remembrance Day we think about the sacrifices made by those who fought and died, and consider the immense changes that the First World War brought to the farming industry. 
In this article, we examine the situation on the Home Front and the technology that drove a farming revolution over a hundred years ago.


Want to plug that 15% BPS hole this year?

Create a Virtual Group and learn from your trusted peers

As many of you will know, last month we launched YAGRO Analytics. We want to highlight a key feature of this new tool: our ‘Virtual Groups’, where you can share detailed cost of production data with trusted peers, for the betterment of your farm and peer group.


Introducing YAGRO Analytics

A new product launched to plug BPS hole in farm businesses

Cambridge-based data & technology company YAGRO Ltd today announced the release of their ground-breaking new product, YAGRO Analytics™, which aggregates on-farm business data into a simple online tool, and gives the farm manager incredible detail and insight on the farm’s current and historical performance.