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Insight: how Amistar prices developed once patent protection expired

Since the green revolution, agrochemical patents have been the lifeblood of R&D, by guaranteeing exclusivity of supply to the inventor of a new chemistry for a set time period. So what happens when these patents expire? We have analysed real farm gate prices of the industry classic, Amistar


Revealed: it Pays to Benchmark Your Prices

We are often asked the question: ‘is benchmarking actually going to result in better performance for my business?’ Thanks to some clever number-crunching at YAGRO, we’ve found the statistical answer. Data shows an average £7.50/Ha saving for a wheat crop, straight to the farm’s bottom line, every year.


Ag Chem Price Inflation Report 2018-19

Opportunities in dynamic price movements

Our data team did a detailed analysis of the YAGRO Ag Chem price database showing a 0.5% decrease in real farm paid prices 2018-19. Understanding these moves across 1’500 products is not an easy job. However: the dynamics of the market show how significant cost reduction opportunities might exist, even where average inflation is flat. Accurate product understanding and selection is critical – as is direct control of your purchasing, so you can pick and choose to follow the opportunities.


A view from Australia

Insights from a whirlwind tour of Australian farm innovation

In February this year we were invited by Innovate UK to take part in the Global Business Innovation Programme to Australia. This involved 12 leading UK AgTech companies to foster international partnerships and explore commercial opportunities between markets. We cover the key insights from the market.


UK Government boosts Yagro with innovation funding

Farming to benefit from independent, farmer-first business tools

The UK's innovation funding arm, Innovate UK, will accelerate Yagro's development, focusing on a Commercial Intelligence System for farmers.


Cereals 2019 Roundup

Yagro was present at Cereals the other week, the technical event for the UK arable industry. Whilst the rain poured down hard during the build-up, that didn't stop any of the visitors or exhibitors being in fine spirits for what was another good Cereals show. 


12 months of Ag Chem Price Check

In November 2017, we launched our new analysis service for farms, Ag Chem Price Check. 12 months on, we take a look back on how the service has helped farms trim 14% off their ag chem costs on average.


Yagro Customer Stories: Sentry Farming

Sentry is one of the largest farming companies in the UK with over 16,000 hectares under cultivation throughout the country. They have built a strong, sustainable faming business based on a forward-thinking and professional approach to both business and farming itself. John Barrett is Director at Sentry Norfolk and here's what he had to say about Yagro.