About Us

About Us

About Us

YAGRO exists to transform the food & farming industry through accessible, advanced data analytics.
Our team constantly challenge each other to realise this vision.

Our Story.

We are a team of farmers, entrepreneurs and technologists, passionate about making professional farmers lives easier and their businesses better.

Our story began in 2015 with Gareth and Dan, our Co-Founders, who shared a belief that data and technology can radically transform the performance of farmers around the world. They travelled all over the UK to meet farmers and learn about the problems they faced. YAGRO was born from these conversations.

In October 2021 we joined the Frontier Agriculture group of companies. Giving us the resources to supercharge our previous rate of innovation whilst remaining an independently managed company. We have strict legal terms between our frontier and ourselves, ensuring farm data remains within YAGRO and is not shared with the wider Frontier group. For more information, visit our data ownership page YOUR DATA IS YOUR DATA.

We are proudly independent, think farmer-first and are deeply data-driven. We believe honesty and a can-do attitude will benefit the most important people in this industry: farmers themselves.

Our Company Values

Our four core principles at YAGRO are listed below. Putting the farmer first was the original principle when the company was conceived back in 2015 and will remain our core principle forever more.

Farmer First

We are and always will be farmer first. YAGRO was founded to provide solutions to farmers, and that will always be at the forefront of our minds as we develop our tools.

Empower the Industry

We aim to lead by example, such as shining a light on the importance of data ownership and by setting the Gold Standard of data rights for the industry.

Seeking Facts and Providing

Question everything, challenge anything, seek and provide facts in order to deliver value in all facets of our work.

Being 'Best and Fair'

We strive to provide an environment that allows each member of the team and our customers to have an equal voice and feel valued.