5 views on Yagro Price Check from CropTec 2017


It was an exciting couple of days at CropTec, with 4,000 visitors stopping by our stand in the main arena of the East of England Showground. We were there to showcase the launch of our new Ag Chem price comparison tool, Yagro Price Check, and were thrilled with how it was received!

Here are the top 5 pieces of feedback we received from our meetings and conversations throughout the show:

1. Brings much needed price transparency to Ag Chem

The overwhelming reaction we received from farmers was in relation to the lack of price transparency in Ag Chem. ‘Even though it’s my biggest spend on farm, I’ve no idea whether I’m getting a fair price’, was a common theme running through conversations. As a tool that promotes transparency, Price Check was received as a welcome solution.

2. Gives farmers real negotiating power

Related to the lack of price transparency, many farmers were actively seeking market information to provide negotiating power for conversations being held with their suppliers. This was particularly relevant for farmers negotiating rebates, which were largely viewed as an arbitrary mechanism to appease farmers and further obfuscate Ag Chem prices.

3. Highlights savings from alternative brands

Farmers were amazed by the potential savings of switching from certain brands to a high-quality, generic alternatives. Field trial data points to the efficacy of these alternatives, but the lack of price transparency has made it near impossible to compare the relative ROIs of different brands and make truly informed purchasing decisions.

4. A tool to help agronomists

A number of independent agronomists were also excited at the potential of Price Check. The ability to calculate the relative prices of different agronomic solutions empowers agronomists to offer their farms the most effective and cost-efficient solutions. For those agronomists closely aligned to maximising their clients’ profitability, Price Check presents an incredible opportunity.

5. An opportunity for manufacturers

Several Ag Chem manufacturers approached us throughout the show, interested to learn more about how this information could provide more accurate and comprehensive feedback than is currently available to them. They were particularly excited about how these insights could help shape their product offerings and provide better value to farmers.

We were delighted with the industry’s reception and are looking forward to continuing these conversations and further developing Yagro Price Check to help drive a more transparent and fairer Ag Chem supply chain.

If we didn’t get a chance to speak to you, please do get in touch and let us know your thoughts. We’d love to hear your feedback and let it shape our future development.