Breaking Down Costs of Production - End Markets (Winter Wheat)


Are you going for milling spec this year, or focusing on feed?  

The grain prices of milling and feed have plateaued at £218/t and fallen to £175/t respectively this January. 

End Markets are a key consideration when choosing a variety, and it’s vital to know the numbers behind your choice. So, we’ve analysed the Variable Costs of Production for each group (below.) Do you think the current premiums for milling spec are enough, given the data? 

It’s little surprise Group One incurs the highest Costs of Production, with the extra emphasis on quality leading to higher fert spending.  

We saw £460.20/ha and £50.58/t costs for Group One fertiliser, compared to £367.60/ha and £40.95/t costs for Group Two fertiliser.  

What are you budgeting for fertiliser this season? Would the decrease in cost justify the lesser protein levels of Group two choices? 

In addition to fertiliser, fungicide costs are higher for Group One’s also - £147.57/ha and £16.25/t, compared to £110.76/ha and £13.02/t for Group Three.  

Here’s all the numbers crunched for you:

Do you find stats like this informative? 

For more insights, download your free copy of our Harvest23 Review here. 

In our next article we’ll be looking further into varietal analysis and ensuring that your varieties are returning as much value as possible.  

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