Data Led Decisions


Data Led Decisions 

Increasingly across the agricultural industry there is a building consensus; that the right data at the right time equals the right decision.  

In our rapidly evolving industry, farmers are relying on technology and advanced analytics to optimise their operations (such as combine telematics and farm management software). One crucial aspect of harnessing available tools and technology is utilising often pre-existing farm data to make informed, data-led decisions.  

The Power of Data:  

Farm data is an essential asset for modern farmers and can unlock tremendous benefits for on-farm success. Data is shifting from administrative record keeping and fast becoming the fuel that powers agriculture. Traditionally, farming relied on intuition and hunch-feel, but in today's complex and interconnected world, the power of data cannot be underestimated.  

These data-led decisions can include a multitude of operational opportunities. From understanding how a drilling window effects yield, to field level data analysis for accurate assessments on productivity and land value. Allowing the data to lead your decisions ensures they are properly informed and accurately based upon desired outcomes. 

This is a viewpoint agreed by YAGRO farmer Jay Wrighton, Head Farm Manager at Friday’s Ltd, who recently attested that “field level data stopped me from putting one of my best performing fields under CSS.” Using the YAGRO platform, Jay was able to glean valuable insights through his data and pivoted his decisions accordingly. This positively affected his operation in the long-term.  

Crop Rotation Planning and Management:   

Data-driven decision making plays a crucial role in crop rotation planning and management. YAGRO’s ability to structure and analyse historical farm data makes it possible to accurately identify and visualise patterns and trends, empowering effective decision making about future growing seasons.  

 Historical yield analysis and field level data builds a picture of rotational performance, especially when combined with other farm variables such as soil type and cultivation techniques. The user-friendly simplicity with which the YAGRO platform reflects data means that making data-led decisions regarding rotations is now a quick job with accurate results, enhancing the efficiency of your growing season. 

Risk Mitigation:  

We all appreciate that farming is inherently risky, with unpredictable factors such as the weather, diseases and volatile markets creating challenges. However, data analysis can provide the insights you need to understand where your business is susceptible to risks, empowering your decisions on how to mitigate them.  

Benchmarking opportunities within YAGRO Virtual Groups enable farmers to collate their data securely – spreading knowledge and learnings with peers of their choice. Will Oliver, Farmers Weekly Farmer of the Year 2022, describes the benefits of YAGRO Virtual groups as simply “a bigger pool to take learnings from”, recognising that “you can’t put a price on making informed decisions”. 

Allowing your data to be fully utilised through analysis enables you to understand your operation to a highly detailed level, illuminating areas where risk can be avoided, or productivity enhanced. But pooling your data with trusted peers fortifies your knowledge further still. 

When analysing yield variability (through historical yield data in combination with other variables, such as crop rotation), you can devise management strategies to minimise yield fluctuations, maximising productivity, thus insulating your business financially. 

Furthermore, accurately visualising input performance to a crop or field level generates actionable insights providing further ability to minimise losses and drive efficiencies not only across input regimes, but across arable operations.

Financial Optimisation:  

Regarding financial risk, data-led decisions have a significant impact on the financial aspects of farming. By tracking costs of production, budgets, sales figures, and market trends - farmers can easily identify inefficiencies and reach accurate, informed decisions regarding their finances. 

YAGRO Tracker provides live monitoring of the commodity market to support decisions when buying & selling, in addition to being able to monitor your budgets and in-season costs accurately in one place. In addition, our Analytics feature offers both price and purchasing reporting, enabling you to tighten your procurement spend to the most efficient level. 

How often have you painstakingly poured over a financial spreadsheet or sat through a gruelling meeting with the accountant? Fortunately, farm businesses can now visualise their financial performances instantly and accurately, and receive detailed reports according to their need, at speed. Tools are available which can ingest invoices and other reports to do this heavy lifting for you.  

As a result, accurate financial analysis based on data can lead to improved profitability and long-term sustainability, enabling viable growth. 

Harnessing the power of data through data-led decisions is transforming the agricultural landscape. By leveraging advanced analytics and technology, farmers can make more informed choices, optimise their practices, mitigate risks, and achieve greater financial sustainability.  

Do you think using data to support decision making is crucial for the future of your farm?