Early bird access now open for our new Tracker feature


Since 2015 we have been working with farmers to develop our suite of farm business management tools.
With our release of Analytics in 2020, we had a breakthrough tool that gives full season analysis of performance, aggregating a powerful range of on-farm data.
But… What about accessing and managing this data IN season? 

The message from our surveyed farmers was loud and clear, and may sound familiar”

  • “I track my costs across too many different places”

  • “I track grain prices across too many different places”

  • “I can’t easily access current input prices”

  • “I don’t have time to get all the information I want, together in one place”

  • “It’s all done manually”

Well, we’ve not been sitting quietly.
Tomorrow at Croptec Show 21 we are officially opening Early Bird Access to our breakthrough tool for managing sales, costs, and market prices throughout the season: YAGRO Tracker.
Early Bird Access will be available in the period until full feature launch in early 2022.

“It might just have been a wet day job beforehand. With live tracking, because it’s so easy to access, it means I can monitor our budget on going, all of the time.”
-    Will Oliver, A H Oliver & Son, Leicestershire

“Tracking costs and sales is crucial for me in my role. Reporting to the business owners, they need to know where we are, what we’re doing, and where we’re heading.”
-    Jack Smith, A G Wright & Son, Cambridgeshire (founding member of YAGRO’s National Steering Group)

“Tracker is going to be increasingly important going forward with current input prices at very high levels. The live cost analysis will be used to make decisions on nitrogen and chemical applications based on field data from previous years via my Analytics platform.”
-    Roy Fisher, Airdrie Farming, Fife

Read more about the features of Tracker and find out if you’re eligible for the Early Bird Launch
And please come visit us at the Croptec Show 21 at stand 1.58