Even better visibility of your ag chem prices


Our team has been working on new platform features and we're excited to share the latest changes to Yagro Price Check that are now available for all our customers. Price Check has become an essential product for farmers, allowing them to get the best prices at point of purchase and maximise their rebates at the end of season. We are also delighted to share new upcoming products in our portfolio that will help farmers run more of their professional farming business with intelligence.

Price Check updates

If you have returned products to your supplier and the information is on your invoices, we now display this seperately on your overview. Returns shows you the total value of chemical that you have returned to your supplier in a season and the percentage of your original purchases. A high return percentage can be an opportunity to improve your purchasing strategy next season.

We've updated your Farm Buying Score, which is now volume weighted! It's your overall purchasing performance score out of 10, compared to the market. Our data analists improved the calculations to now take both the price plus the amount of each product you've purchased into account.

Exclusive Products indicate how many products you are buying that are only sold by your supplier. If you want to learn how much you could save on these products specifically, get in touch.

There are two new graphs on the Price Check overview page that give you a window in potential improvements for your inputs: Spend per Category and Sources of Chemistry. Spend per Category divides your chemical spend in fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and adjuvants costs through the years. Sources of Chemistry categorises your products by 'R&D', 'Off-Patent', 'Parallel' and 'Other'.  Off-Patent products are often equally effective, and considerably cheaper than R&D. Professional, independent technical advice will help you build an effective spray plan with reduced total spend.  

We replaced the individual product Buying Score on the My Prices page with Overspend (%). It's a new metric in percentage terms of the price you’ve paid above the market price. It's more factual and actionable than the previous score, and gives farmers a metric to use in negotiations with their suppliers.

A new processing engine for your data

In the last few months, our data processing tool has undergone a complete under-the-hood renovation. As a result, we can now process farm's invoices with a higher accuracy, a shorter turnaround time and more automated precision. This is a huge step for Yagro and for farmers alike, as we can now expand our anonymous, aggregated view of the market even faster. And we already have over 1,000,000 acres worth of verified price points.

In addition, our engineers have developed a self- learning rule system that can transform all incoming data in order to cleanse, validate and structure it. So we can be certain that the data we provide on the platform is accurate and verified but more importantly; the savings opportunities we highlight for farmers are real. 

That's not all though, the new data ingestion engine is capable of processing more types of data. Not 'just' Ag Chem invoices. The same engine can handle data from your farm management software, sales invoices, account software and more external sources via API's. All intelligent automated capturing of data, so there’s no manual data entry. Like invoices, this will be quality controlled and standardised. Which brings us to the following announcement. 

New Yagro products

The new processing engine is great, but the real value lies in what it will do for you. For the New Year, we have very exciting updates on our roadmap that will help you better run your professional farming business. Tools that improve access to information, open opportunities, and rebalance supply chain power towards the farm. We are hugely excited.