Farm input purchasing just got a whole lot easier.

YAGRO Historic

Welcome to Yagro! We’re a team of farmers, entrepreneurs and technologists on a mission to Connect Agriculture to drive a more financially sustainable farming sector.

Our story began in 2015 and, since then, we’ve been travelling all over the UK to meet farmers and their suppliers to learn more about the challenges they face.

Let’s face it, procurement isn’t exactly the most exciting part of managing a farm...

It’s tedious and time-consuming. Different products and their pricing are near impossible to compare. Orders are placed manually by phone, email or fax. Stacks of paper invoices mount up throughout the season, making it hard to keep track of spend.

Yet effective input purchasing is critical to the running of a profitable and sustainable farm business.  

We believe that farmers should be able to order their inputs at the tap of a button, with all the information they need right there at their fingertips.

That’s why we built Yagro: to make farm input purchasing easy by seamlessly connecting farms and suppliers. Farmers gain the visibility and control they need to quickly and easily get the best deals for their business. Suppliers benefit from cutting edge technology to deal with their customers quickly and efficiently.

The agricultural supply chain will fundamentally evolve with modern technology.   

With Yagro, farms and suppliers are already driving this change. And we’re only just getting started…