Fueling Growth With YAGRO MarketPlace - A Conversation With Nolan Fuel Oils


Fuelling Growth with YAGRO MarketPlace 

Just outside Bicester, family-owned fuel supplier has been making strides in the fuel distribution sector. Nolan Fuel Oils are a third-generation independent fuel distributor with a legacy of service excellence and customer prioritisation. Nolan Fuel Oils was founded in 1988, as a service-driven company taking immense pride in meeting their customers' needs, no matter the season.  

Recently, Nolan Fuel Oils joined YAGRO MarketPlace, an innovative platform that connects fuel distributors with a broader customer base. 

Luke Nolan, a member of the Nolan family and the driving force behind their Bicester branch, shared their journey, goals, and experiences with Neil Cooper, YAGRO MarketPlace Manager, in a candid interview: 

A Rich Legacy of Customer-Centric Operations 

Nolan Fuel Oils has deep roots in the fuel distribution industry, and Luke Nolan proudly represents the third generation of the family business. With a commitment to providing top-notch service and being highly responsive to emergency callouts, Nolan Fuel Oils has built a loyal customer base over the years.  

Their small, close-knit team, driven by strong family values, is a testament to their dedication. Indeed, their shortest serving member of staff has been on their team for over a decade! Luke says their “agility and genuine desire to provide excellent customer-centric solutions” is paramount to their integrity and has resulted in their loyal customer base. 

From their Bicester HQ, they deliver a wide range of fuels, oils, and lubricants, covering a 30-mile radius. Additionally, they have a depot near Bristol, which also decided to partner with YAGRO MarketPlace and picks up a catchment area to the West. 

Discovering YAGRO MarketPlace 

When asked about how they first encountered YAGRO Marketplace, Luke revealed that they were recommended by an existing YAGRO user. He emphasised the power of word-of-mouth in knowledge sharing and building trust within the industry.  

After hearing about the benefits and flexibility that MarketPlace provides, Luke said the decision to join “was a no-brainer.”   

Nolan Fuel Oils’ motivations for joining YAGRO MarketPlace were twofold. Firstly, they have a clear vision of growth and expansion and recognised that YAGRO MarketPlace could provide the perfect avenue for reaching new customers. Luke comments that “the ease-of-use of MarketPlace is a fantastic opportunity for customers to engage with us. It’s a frictionless and seamless experience for them, which we believe will provide us with a steady stream to grow our client base.” 

On the other hand, they are keen to retain their existing customers, which have been the backbone of their business. So, a desire to provide themselves with additional methods of procurement was also present. 

Unlocking the Main Areas of Value 

Luke Nolan highlighted the significant value they saw in being part of YAGRO MarketPlace. Primarily, it offered them exposure to a wider customer base, without the need for interruptive marketing, thus opening new opportunities for business growth.  

Furthermore, the smooth and coherent process of acquiring new customers through MarketPlace impressed them - making it easier for them to diversify their clientele. The effectiveness and simplicity of the MarketPlace platform stood out to Luke as a real opportunity to diversify and expand their customer base, as new customers can now discover Nolan’s offerings and place bespoke orders with just a few clicks.  

It’s a “one-stop-shop for our customers to meet their needs,” says Luke.  

Looking Forward with YAGRO  

When asked about their expectations from YAGRO MarketPlace, Luke expressed their main desire to receive regular enquiries. He appreciated the flexibility YAGRO offers in accommodating the needs of businesses on the platform, making it easier for them to foster valuable customer relationships. 

With a passionate team and a family-driven ethos, Nolan Fuel Oils is all set to embrace the future of fuel distribution with YAGRO MarketPlace. As they continue to prioritise customer needs and deliver top-quality service, the seamless integration with YAGRO opens new horizons for growth, loyalty, and success. 

If you're a fuel distributor like Nolan Fuel Oils, seeking growth, expansion, and exposure to a wider customer base, YAGRO MarketPlace is a natural solution.  

Experience the uninterrupted and frictionless path to acquiring new business, diversifying your product offerings, and building lasting customer relationships. 

Fuel your future with YAGRO MarketPlace and unlock the true potential of your business.