Introducing YAGRO Insurance


At YAGRO we are always in the pursuit of better profits for our customers. YAGRO Insurance addresses this by giving you hassle-free automated quotes through our cutting edge digital platform. The farming industry is talking a lot about the need to cut costs and improve efficiencies, we as a business are constantly looking to solve these problems and this is our latest but by no means last offering in improving the bottom line for farms.

“30% saving on our previous provider, and we are continually impressed with the team’s dedication and price” - Suffolk Farmer

One overlooked area of cost on farm is insurance. It is not a ‘big ticket’ item, and requesting quotes is normally a long and painful process. But left unchecked, insurance premiums can creep up over the years, and many businesses will now be paying 30% over the odds for their insurance. When you look at your monthly premiums, that 30% quickly adds up to a hefty annual saving.

We are delighted to have teamed up with insurance brokers Scrutton Bland to turn this process on its head with Yagro Insurance. Scrutton Bland have a long history of specialist insurance provision to farms, with a fantastic track record of customer service. We are particularly excited by the strength of their relationship with leading global insurance underwriters – ensuring they can bring the best cover at the sharpest premiums to UK farms. We've also ensured that claims payments are reliable and fast - the panel of insurers have a 99% repayment rate on claims. 

YAGRO’s software automates much of the insurance process, further improving the efficiency of the process – generating savings which can be passed back to you. All at the click of a button. Each quote is laid out in a comparable way through our online platform, with a tailored recommendation specific to your business from the experts at Scrutton Bland.

We’ve brought all the process and benefits of consumer insurance comparison sites – to modern farming.

The process is simple: submit your key insurance documents (current schedule, renewal quote, and key claims) to us through your YAGRO platform if you are a current customer, or at for new customers. We will process the information and securely pass to our insurance experts for them to initiate quotes.

Your confidential, tailored quotes will come back within days, allowing you to transparently compare and select your chosen option.

Why we think it’s needed:

There are two reasons to regularly review your insurance:

  1. Easy savings. We regularly find insurance premiums at 30% above the current competitive rate. This particularly happens if you haven’t reviewed premiums in a while, as premiums creep up over time.

  2. You have too much – or too little – cover. This happens when you haven’t reviewed your insurance levels for a while. In some cases you may have new machinery which is not covered in your existing policy. Or, you find that some risks are over-insured, or even covered multiple times across your policy. Streamlining your cover makes sure you are getting the most efficient and accurate risk protection for your business.

Either way: it’s about making sure your business costs are as appropriate and efficient as possible. But without the time-consuming admin burden traditionally required to fix it. 

As no cost to you and practically zero administration required - why not give us a try.

Get involved


You can send your insurance documents directly through the ‘Insurance’ section of your YAGRO platform. For new customers, send to Alternatively, register for the service on our website for a call back from one of our team. Getting quotes is easy and free – so why not take a quick look to see if there’s an opportunity for you.

Yagro is an Appointed Representative of Scrutton Bland Insurance Services under regulation from the Financial Conduct Authority. As with all our services, we uphold to manage your data in accordance with our policy and GDPR legislation in the UK, and will not use or share your data in any way other than to deliver our services to you. We will not sell your data.