Introducing YAGRO Tech Check

YAGRO has been awarded a research grant from the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS): to help English farmers improve productivity through better use of existing software and management systems on farm.

As such, we have launched our Tech Check service: an independent review to make sure you are using the best software for your farm. The service begins with a simple survey to assess your current technology practices, across the following technology areas:

  • Precision Farming Tools

  • Crop Management

  • Compliance

  • Accounting

  • Procurement

  • Benchmarking

  • Marketing

With our network of independent technologists, we then guide you through best practices and latest developments across these areas. And we offer tailored recommendations for where to focus your next efforts on software adoption. Our experts, Daniel Kindred from ADAS, James Bolesworth from CRM Agri, Bryony Parker from BP Business Consulting, independent benchmarking consultant Giles Blatchford, and our very own Daniel Jolly, are all on hand to help you explore the technologies further, or implement new systems.


Why we think it’s needed

In this world of exploding technology services – we see there is no central player in the UK for farms to get clear, independent advice and insight on what to use. This greatly limits adoption. We believe that with greater transparency, support, and access – farms can make the most of these new technologies.
Given our expertise in the area, and role in impartial business support to the farm, we are excited to take on this project with BEIS and help farmers cut through the noise and complexity developing in farm software.

How farms are benefitting

Over the winter we have held numerous discussion groups, and one-to-one sessions for farmers looking over their technology adoption across the business. We found high rates of adoption in Precision Agriculture tools – whereas Benchmarking remains poorly adopted, despite a clear message from those who do use these tools, that it has resulted in great impact on farm decisions and performance.
Following our assessment and recommendation, each of business was able to lay out a clear plan of action to advance their benefit from on-farm technology. And the feedback has been clear: there is a need for impartial, expert support on farm to help navigate the rapidly changing technology landscape – in a way which delivers the most value on farm. 

Get involved

Start your Tech Check assesment here [LINK CLOSED], or call one of our team, to register your interest to take part in this research.
Participation is currently FREE, thanks to grant support from BEIS. However places are limited so don’t hesitate!