Leading Advisory Firms join YAGRO’s new Partnership Programme


We have launched our new Partnership Programme! Putting YAGRO’s ground-breaking Analytics tools into the hands of your on-farm advisors.

We are delighted that Sentry and Wilson Wraight are the first to offer their own data insight services direct to farming clients, Powered by YAGRO. It’s great recognition for us as the leading business analytics tool in the market.

On-farm data has exploded over the past decade. Farmers and their advisors must be able to cut through this noise to find powerful, evidence-based insight, if they wish to keep the farm thriving for the future. But doing so is often difficult and expensive.

At YAGRO we solve this by placing our data insight tools right in your advisor’s hands. Your trusted advisor plays a critical role for your business. Without this local expert to add context and experience, the best data systems in the world will still fall short of their potential. Partnership means that, as a farmer, you combine the best of technology (YAGRO) with the best of people (your advisor).

We form very close relationships with our Partners: with rigorous training in YAGRO’s systems, as well as YAGRO learning so much from the advisors’ expertise and interactions with clients. It ensures we can drive the highest impact to UK farmers, while continuing to improve and innovate our systems in ways that really add value. The added reach of advisors also accelerates our build-up of data, so our comparisons and data-driven insights keep getting more powerful

We are delighted that YAGRO has been chosen as the preferred data partner by these two fantastic advisory teams, and we are selectively working with other leading firms to expand our set of Partners.

Ask your advisor how they are managing and exploiting data for the benefit of your farm business. If it’s 'Powered by YAGRO', you can be confident you’re in the best of hands.