Online tool designed to slash harvest costs to launch at Cereals 2017


A tool to help farmers manage their spending and slash costs this harvest is set to be unveiled at Cereals 2017.

Yagro Harvest is a free online service designed to help farmers get the best deals on everything they need for a profitable harvest, from fuel and lubricants to additives and machinery parts.

By connecting farmers to a wide range of reputable suppliers, Yagro gives farm businesses a wider choice over their sources of inputs, helping them manage their costs more easily and boost profits.

As we enter such a critical and expensive time of year for arable businesses, Yagro Harvest gives farmers back control over spend through a simple yet powerful online tool, says Chief Executive Gareth Davies.

“UK farms will be spending over £500m on fuel and harvest-related inputs this year. With the weakening pound already increasing fuel prices nearly 15% since this time last year, using Yagro Harvest to help them get the best offer from their suppliers makes sense,” he says.

During harvest few farmers have time to actively manage their spend, with many needing to place orders last-minute and at all times of day to ensure their businesses continue to run.

And with no simple way to benchmark costs - especially in a volatile fuel market - expenditure can quickly escalate, Mr Davies adds.

With Yagro Harvest, farmers have a direct connection with suppliers 24/7, ensuring they are always able to find the best deal at the click of a button, whatever hour of the day or night.

“Not only does it make the whole process of buying fuel and machinery parts much simpler, we have seen Yagro users saving up to 13% on their red diesel costs alone.”

As farms on Yagro now represent over £100m of core arable input spend since launch just six months ago, Yagro Harvest doesn’t just benefit farmers, Mr Davies says.

“We’re growing incredibly quickly, with more and more farm businesses using our service every day.

“For suppliers who want to deal directly with farm businesses, have total visibility of demand, enhance their customer service, and unlock greater visibility on the market, Yagro offers significant potential.”

The launch of Yagro Harvest at this year’s Cereals event, held at Boothby Graffoe, Lincolnshire, on 14 and 15 June, follows huge demand from suppliers and farmers to rapidly expand the products available from Yagro, Mr Davies adds.

“It’s an exciting step in our mission to make farming business easier and more profitable through cutting-edge technology.”

For more information on Yagro Harvest and for a demonstration of the free online Yagro tool, visit the Yagro team at stand 624 - next to AICC - during Cereals 2017.

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