Real-time Intelligent Tracking of Crop Performance


“It might just have been a wet day job beforehand. With live tracking, because it’s so easy to access, it means I can monitor our budget on going, all of the time.”

Will Oliver, A H Oliver & Son, Leicestershire

YAGRO Tracker is now LIVE to all farmers for in-season tracking of variable spend, sales and both commodity and input market pricing.

Following a phenomenal response from our Early Bird special, we’ve enhanced our Tracker tool with new features, and now offer full access to this latest module in our Commercial Intelligence System. 

With input and commodity price changes and the ongoing BPS withdrawal, this season has already forced many farmers and growers to revise their budgets. It is now more essential than ever to establish forecasts and track against them. 

Tracker allows in-season management of variable spend and sales against your budget. Our state of the art systems processes farm management software as well as sales receipts and contracts as the season progresses. That data is cleaned, verified and collated in one place (all secured with our industry-leading, gold-standard data privacy and controls); giving up-to-date information to help make timely and informed decisions for your crop.  

Effective tracking all comes from effective budgets. With great farmer feedback over the last 3 months, we have upgraded Tracker to allow you to track against: historic average costs; ‘best in class’ farms with similar yield; or your own bespoke gross margin budget for the season. 

Tracker will update actual costs at a crop and variety level as activities are completed on your farm. The same is true for crop marketing activities – our system will read sales records and contracts to keep tabs on total moved and sold positions, average prices achieved as well as quantities left to sell. Updating your estimated yield in-season is easy and intuitive to keep an eye on production forecast. 

Saving one of the most valuable features till last - Tracker provides access to live pricing of inputs - fuel, chemicals and fertiliser at farm gate; as well as commodity exchange grain prices and futures. On these, you can track and set alerts on the commodities most important to you. Take control of your Gross Margin through the season, and demonstrate your management where it matters. Sign up now to budget, track, measure and manage your 2022 harvest in real-time.