The Role of Farm Data at Groundswell - A Personal View


Members of the YAGRO team were present at Groundswell this year, demonstrating the value of our tools across both days, speaking with industry members and listening to plenty of valuable discussions.  

Our co-founder, Dan Jolly, believes that the value and presence of farm data stood out as a driving force behind many of the topics discussed, and shared his views on LinkedIn after the event. Here is what he had to say:  

I recently attended Groundswell, a brilliantly organised few days, and was particularly struck by the presence and value of farm data being discussed in every corner of the event.  

As the co-founder of YAGRO, where our focus on utilising farm data to benefit farms every day, I was thrilled to witness how data is becoming acknowledged as the foundation for progressive movements across the industry – propelling the regen principles forwards and empowering farmers to make more informed decisions.  

Throughout the event, the myriad of studies, discussions and talks revolved around forward-thinking research that relies heavily on data-driven insights. It was evident that data analytics is transforming the way we approach farming.  

From conversations around SFI’s, research outcomes and discussions on supply-chains to strategies on increasing the overall sustainability of farming – the significance of accurate farm data was undeniable. Once used for record-keeping purposes, farm data has emerged as an essential asset for those seeking sustainable and efficient practices.  

The actionable insights that accurate data can provide are surely the most direct solution to meeting the ever-evolving needs of our industry. By harnessing the power of data, we can drive on-farm success whilst retaining value for farmers. 

Groundswell certainly reaffirmed for me the transformative and pivotal role data plays in agriculture, proving that farm data is not just a trend, but a necessity.  

In summary, the role that data plays in agriculture at large is becoming increasingly evident. Data should not be considered an anecdotal or supporting feature, but should rather be valued as the driving force behind effective decision-making as the industry moves forward. 

YAGRO would like to extend thanks to the Cherry’s for organising the event and providing a fantastic opportunity for knowledge exchange in the farming calendar. We look forward to Groundswell 2024!