Want to plug that 15% BPS hole this year?


As many of you will know, last month we launched YAGRO Analytics. We want to highlight a key feature of this new tool: our ‘Virtual Groups’, where you can share detailed cost of production data with trusted peers, for the betterment of your farm and peer group.

Why is this interesting to you? We face a 15% BPS cut this year. That’s £30 per hectare to find just to stand still. And it’s only the beginning of income reductions to come.

That value can easily be found by sharing best practice with your trusted friends and peers. Comparing strengths and weaknesses in performance, and exploring the deep underlying data, allows you to explore and set improvements in place for your business.

It’s not always comfortable sharing your costs, but turning over those stones and being open in a group of like-minded farms can only lead to better practices.

Better still, our Virtual Groups are created only on explicit invitation - with those you know and trust. With YAGRO, you are always in charge of your data, and who sees it.

“Can you work with my group?”

Chances are, you are already in such a peer group: whether it be your local discussion group, with your old school or university colleagues, or in a professional collaboration. You share information in person, on WhatsApp, or Facebook.

Our Virtual Groups offer something unique to take these conversations much, much further. Our system ingests, validates, and presents your data so it is detailed, accurate, and therefore truly comparable with one and other.

We allow you to seamlessly compare your information, and see who has the best cost of production per ton, separating yield and input costs in nitty gritty detail – nearly impossible for anyone to do individually, but made effortless thanks to our technology.

There is no manual entry in YAGRO Analytics. Our system does the hard work for you. During your set up, you simply send us data from your Farm Management Software – whichever one you use – and we do the rest.

This frees you and your friends to explore and discuss those bits that matter most, without trawling through endless spreadsheets. Time is short – spend it wisely.

Hear what Ed Salmon from NE Salmon Ltd has to say about Virtual Groups:

Love a freebie? Keep talking even if the pubs are shut

In this challenging lockdown environment for many parts of the country, opportunities to come together are becoming rare. We want to help farm groups maintain close contact and communication, and so we are offering a limited time deal: for every new Group set up on YAGRO Analytics, we will give a free Zoom Pro account for 1 year. This will enable you to chat to one another face to face with no pesky interruptions: so you can keep those detailed conversations going as long as required. (Or just to have a good knees up and a virtual beer!)

Hurry though as this offer ends on Tuesday 10th November, and we are already facing a surge of demand through November as drilling draws to a close. Please register as soon as possible, so we can give you much need information and analysis as early as possible in this new season – and not overwhelm our data team later in the year!

Register by clicking on the link below to our website and leave your details there – or give us a call 0330 043 1513.