Yagro Customer Stories: Strutt & Parker


Richard Means is Director at Strutt & Parker heading up the Farming Department in the Eastern Region. As Director of Smith Means Ltd; his own farm in West Norfolk, he's always looking at innovative new ideas for the business and is keen to drive efficiencies and optimise returns for both clients and the home farm. Here's what he thinks about Yagro and its impact on his business:

Historically, we had purchased diesel from various suppliers and most commonly through a buying group. Moving to Yagro for fuel purchases was a positive decision allowing us to achieve market-leading prices through an easy-to-use platform for placing and tracking orders. We already had experience of the platform from purchasing pesticides through the site so were familiar with the process and its functionality.

“Using Yagro we can be assured that we are getting market leading prices, in just a few clicks.”

Due to the nature of the fuel market, the supplier with the best deal regularly changes at any given time and on any given day making it essential to compare all of them each time we order. Yagro gives us confidence that we are aware of the full range of prices every time in just a few clicks. We create a single request and then we get quotes from all suppliers in about the same time it takes to just call one.

“Deliveries have been on time as agreed, in the right place and no issues at all.”

The decision to start using Yagro for the fuel purchases came at the start of this harvest to coincide with our peak requirement. This seemed to be as good a time to test the service and to be fair, it has worked very well. Deliveries have been on time as agreed, in the right place and no issues at all.

“Using Yagro, we estimate to have saved circa 4%; a reasonable figure over a whole year.”

In addition, by using Yagro, we estimate to have made a 4% saving on fuel costs which over one delivery isn’t too much but is a reasonable figure over a whole year. As a KPI for my farm, we currently sit at 104l/ha diesel usage per annum and I will be looking to try and achieve a figure below 100l in due course. Any savings we can achieve using Yagro will help us as part of our overall strategy to reduce fuel costs. to maintain an effective strategy for purchasing our fuel.

“Yagro is one of the tools S&P uses to help deliver significant savings to members.”

Strutt & Parker runs an independent buying group for its agronomy and management clients to help them minimise input costs. Yagro is one of the tools S&P uses to help deliver significant savings to members.