YAGRO Joins Frontier Agriculture Group of Companies


In 2015 we set out to build a company that would change the way data and information was used in farming; that would genuinely add value to a farmer’s business; and that would help the next generation of farmers apply their skills and manage their farms with full confidence.

Six years later, and with your help, the YAGRO team has achieved amazing progress: delivering genuine value across a large section of the UK. We have succeeded by focusing hard on what farmers really want from their business data, and putting together cutting-edge data technology that would meet those needs, in a readily accessible way.

And this is only the start. As an industry, we are only just opening our eyes to the possibilities from genuinely good and usable data. While we do this, the wider environment is throwing everything at us – from climate change; to subsidy upheaval; trade and labour squeezes; rocketing input prices, and much more. Who would take this on?

At YAGRO we are only emboldened by the challenge. We sit today at the tip of the iceberg. We know how much more you have asked to be done, built, innovated, invented – to give you that intuitive, powerful data capability, to confidently make the best decisions for your farm.

Today we are excited to share that we are supercharging our ability to deliver that vision, by joining the Frontier group of companies.

The change will be that, excitingly, we will have the resources and reach to supercharge our current rate of innovation. More tools to you the customer, more automation, more integration, faster. So we can get ever more powerful and intuitive business data in your hands.

In practice, today’s announcement will have little immediate impact. We will continue operating as a standalone independent business. You’ll be dealing with the same YAGRO team. You’ll be dealing with the same YAGRO Partner advisors. We’ll retain our own offices, our own culture, our own specialisms. And of course, there will be absolutely no sharing of any farm data with any other Frontier companies – none whatsoever.

It is an exciting new chapter for YAGRO, and our mission remains more valid now than ever. Our team and their unique skills are here for you, for the UK farming industry. We are hungrier than ever to listen, learn, and build with you. To make sure agritech doesn’t remain a novelty on the side – but to powerfully respond to your needs and wishes, and be your trusted data partner in this rapidly changing world.

If you have an questions related to this announcement please contact us on 0330 043 1513 or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this mean with regards to my data?
Data policy has always been of critical importance to us at YAGRO, and our customers, and our approach to data policy and ownership have not and will not change. Customers will continue to own their data, and remain in complete control of it. YAGRO’s safe, trusted data warehousing will continue as it always has. Data is held in our secure, encrypted, cloud-based servers, with control and ownership of it remaining firmly with the customer. 

Is YAGRO still an independent company?
Yes, fundamentally so. Our independence, and freedom to build the tools that our farming customers want and need is paramount to our past, present and future. Today’s news does not change that. YAGRO’s leadership and wider team are committed to delivering our mission of building genuinely value-adding technology for our farms and Partners. We will continue to be customer-led, and with our new resources will be able to supercharge efforts across both existing and future tools and services.

Does this mean I will get a different service from YAGRO?
With regards to our current tools and services, absolutely not, there will be no change. The same team, delivering the same service to our customers, in our own unique YAGRO style. It’s what we know best. What we now have is the resources to supercharge our efforts, meaning that our new tools and technology will be bigger, better and come faster than we’d planned, and our existing solutions will have the improvements and upgrades that our customers have been asking for. Our team will grow as well, in all areas, so keep your eyes peeled for some of the most exciting job opportunities the industry has ever seen...