End Use Groups and Main Market Filters Now Live


We’re in a seriously challenging season. With low commodity prices, inflationary input costs and incredibly challenging weather conditions - Understanding the value of your crops and your achievable gross margin is more important than ever to have a successful harvest. With a focus on providing deeper insights through accurate farm benchmarking and a clearer understanding of crop performance, we continually seek ways to refine the YAGRO platform. 

That’s why we’re adding a key new filter within our Analytics platform; End Use Groups and Main Market Filtering.

What does this new feature mean for farmers? Unlike previous options of navigation, where users can filter by crop, variety or 1st or 2nd Wheats, the new End Use Groups and Main Market filtering feature allows users to refine their analysis further. By introducing the ability to Separately analyse feed or milling wheat, as well as categorising them into groups 1, 2, 3, and 4, users can explore their performance in far greater detail. 

This addition grants farmers the power to assess the performance of their crops with unparalleled accuracy, enabling them to compare against similar crops in the market more effectively. Whether evaluating the success of a specific variety in feed wheat production or gauging the performance of group 3 milling wheat, farmers now have the tools at their fingertips to make data-driven decisions with greater confidence.

"At first glance, it's a relatively small addition, but it’s a massive step in terms of being able to really refine your benchmarking." says Ross Dawson, Customer Success Manager at YAGRO. "Our mission has always been to provide farmers with the insights they need to optimise their operations and navigate a profitable harvest. With this new feature, we are taking another step towards empowering our users to make the most informed decisions that drive success on their farms."