Gross Margin Analysis


Our user feedback highlighted a requirement for increased insights into their operations, particularly in understanding the financial outcomes of their crop rotations. Previously, while our tools provided valuable data on the cost of production per tonne, the demand for gross margin visibility has become increasingly clear.

Gross margins offer a holistic view by integrating costs, yields, and sales prices, empowering farmers to see the profitability of their efforts at crop, variety, and field levels.

This granular financial perspective is crucial for making informed decisions, optimising rotations, and enhancing overall farm efficiency. By listening to our customers, who are keen on understanding not just the agronomic benefits but also the financial returns, we have expanded our Analytics to include this vital metric. Now, farmers can assess the premium on their quality wheat, evaluate the profitability of their crops, and make strategic decisions that drive their business forward.

Available in the 'Explorer' and 'Field by Field' tabs. Automatically turned on for all users, you will see this by navigating into your Analytics platform.

If you cannot see your Gross Margin, this will be due to incomplete or missing sales data. This can be easily added by clicking on the pencil icon towards the top of the page within Explorer.

Sales data can be input at an overall or variety level. Either total or per tonne.

Pinpointing the true financial contributors within your farm.

Introducing gross margin analysis at the field level allows users to gain a precise understanding of the profitability of individual fields. By considering both the revenue generated and the associated costs, gross margins provide a clearer overall picture of those fields which are performing well financially and those which may need adjustments and further investigation. This level of detail helps farmers identify high-performing fields and replicate successful strategies across their operations. Additionally, it reveals those underperforming fields, enabling targeted management to improve their profitability.

As well as field level analysis, users can now view their Gross Margin filtered by End Use Market or by 1st and 2nd Wheat, helping explore and dissect the profitability of your output and rotations.

Gross Margins have also been added as a filter within the 'Field by Field' tab to allow greater understanding and interrogation of individual field performance.

If you have any questions around using the Gross Margins update in your platform, please reach out to your account manager.