Uploading data directly into the platform.


In early 2023, we added the option for data to be uploaded directly into the platform.

Below is a short interactive guide of how to upload your data directly to your platform.

Checking means that our platform has found something that needs to be checked before we can complete the upload. Our data team will review the data and try to resolve any errors or gaps. If necessary, they will contact you for more details.

Pending is the system's way of letting you know that it has received your data but is currently uploading other requests. As soon as these are finished, it will be your data's turn. This happens automatically; you do not have to do anything.

Processing indicates that our platform is processing your data. Automatic checks are performed to test the completeness of the data. If there are no problems, your data will automatically move to the next step. However, if errors or gaps are found, we will update the status and be in touch.

Uploaded means your data has been successfully uploaded to our platform. This completes the first phase, but does not necessarily mean that your data is immediately visible on the platform. Next, we combine the verified information with the existing datasets and perform a final round of checks. Once this is complete, one of our Customer Success team will contact you.