Anonymously compare what you're paying for your ag chem with 100% verified prices from the rest of the market

Ag Chem Price Check

  • Quickly, easily and confidentially submit your agrochemical invoices to Yagro
  • Compare the prices you're getting with the rest of the market to see where you stand
  • Discover alternative products that other farmers are using and see how those prices compare
  • See your Buying Score for every product and learn how to improve it and ensure you get the best deal






How do you compare?


For the independent farmer wanting to compare their prices with the rest of the market and discover new products?


For larger agribusinesses looking for group and market insights, and enhanced reporting across multiple trading entities


At Yagro our aim is to get the right information in front of a farmer to allow them to make truly informed purchasing decisions. There is a real need for a definitive, data-led view on the chemical market and at Yagro we can provide this, empowering farmers through independent, verified and confidential market information.

No. Yagro is completely confidential and your personal information and individually-identifiable data (e.g. specific price points, delivery dates and postcodes) will never be shared with anyone. The only way others will know if you're using Price Check is if you tell them!

Very secure. We use 256-Bit SSL encryption and employ the latest processes and protocols to ensure the security of the platform.

No, your prices are confidential and no-one will see any of your specific data. We use prices to build an anonymous, aggregated view of the market, so users only see the range of prices paid, with no individual prices or details about farms participating.

After you submit an invoice for a particular product, you will unlock all of the market information for that product. This will include the range of prices other farmers are paying for this product, your Buying Score, and alternative products with the same active ingredients and concentrations and their price ranges.

All of the prices on Price Check are formally verified before being added. We need to see copies of the invoices themselves to confirm the integrity of the data and ensure the market information you compare your prices to is 100% accurate.

We will not sell your Price Check data! At Yagro we see three types of data:

  1. Your personal information, such as name, email and address. In accordance with the Data Protection Act, we will never share any such data with third parties.
  2. Your identifiable farm data, such as the combination of farm name with product and price. Price Check is a fully anonymous service and so we will never share this level of detail with any third parties.
  3. Your data as part of an aggregated and anonymised set of market information. This data is used to drive the power of Price Check as all users combine their information for the good of all. We will therefore use this data in Price Check, and to promote and grow participation in Price Check, but we will never sell this data.

Ag chem is one of the biggest variable spends on farm, yet there is very little reliable price information in the public domain. Farmers are often left guessing at fair market prices, and few have the time or knowledge to navigate through all the product options.

At Yagro we've made this process super easy, so whether it's for peace of mind that you have the sharpest prices in the market, or to genuinely change your buying based on verified market facts, we're here to help.

Whether you're a new or existing Yagro user, simply give us a call on 0330 043 1513 or click 'Find Out More' below, enter your details and we'll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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